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Need An Energy Boost?

Tough workout?  Long day?  Lots to get done?  Support normal energy levels with this little-known natural treasure.
Need An Energy Boost?
Tough workout?  Long day?  Lots to get done?  Support normal energy levels with this little-known natural treasure.
Show Me How

Show Me How

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Meet Lori....


Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Lori, founder of Lit Up Living.  I'm a mom to 2 awesome 'adult' kids and live in a small Midwestern town.  I LOVE trying new things and LIVING life vs just going the safe route.  I love meeting new & interesting people, visiting places I’ve never been before and learning new things.

Life should be LIVED & ENJOYED!  It should make you feel LIT UP!  

I believe that people have lost sight of their ability--and responsibility--to take care of themselves physically, emotionally & financially…and that they’re absolutely missing out on living their BEST life. 

We've been brainwashed to believe that there's a magic, consequence-free, quick-fix that will take care of everything.  Our diets resemble poison more than healthy fuel.  We feed our mind garbage via the news, social media & social circles, instead of nourishing it with stimulating & mind-expanding information.  And then, when things don’t go quite right, we blame others & want someone to fix it for us.

For years, I allowed myself to be brainwashed & fell into the destructive rut described above.  I was sick all the time and spent countless time & money going to the doctor and popping pills.  Rarely was I truly happy & seldom did I actually think for myself.  I was going through life like it was just one big generic to-do list, but that generic list wasn't even created by me.  Something was missing… a spark… self-worth...  

I was missing out on LIFE.

Fortunately, a tiny ‘bread crumb’ was given to me, which led me on a beautiful journey that slowly opened my eyes. I had no clue what I was getting myself into, but I was fed up with feeling sick & uninspired, low-vibing my way through life.  I needed to make the DECISION to take responsibility for my current reality & actually start taking care of ME.

Health goals were formed & I took advantage of personal growth opportunities.  Amazing friends & mentors started coming into my circle!  All of this kept creating new life opportunities & ultimately a business income that allowed me to leave my career of almost 25 years!

What would your life be like if you were healthy & full of energy?  Envision your mind full of creativity, goals & clarity!  Imagine feeling LIT UP & utterly loving life!

I found a way to do just that & it's SO much easier than people think.  

This is the happiest & healthiest I've ever been, physically & emotionally!  My life is lived on my terms.  And each day, I get to help people achieve what I have.  I get to help them find—and LIVE—their LIT UP life!

Sound like something that interests you?  I challenge you to make a decision to take back your life and design it the way you want!  What DO you want?  Better health?  Stronger confidence?  More energy?  Improved finances?  

If you can tell me what you want out of life, I can help you get it!

I cannot wait to help you rise and shine!

xo Lori 

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