Gimme Gratitude!
The other night, we had our first Gimme Gratitude class.  It was amazing!

Having a regular gratitude practice provides positive benefits in so many areas of your life, from better sleep to improved health to better achievement of goals.  It's kind of a super power, isn't it?!

I first really started practicing gratitude after attending The Matrixx event in August of 2017.  Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher both talked about the power of gratitude.  We even received a beautiful white leather-bound gratitude journal.  My journal mysteriously disappeared but in gratitude, I realized what was truly important--not the journal, but the practice.

The method that they shared with us had 3 simple steps:
  1.  Write down 10 things that you are grateful for and FEEL the gratitude! 
    • Simply writing the list is good but FEELING is what gives it the super powers!
  2.  Send love to 3 people who are bothering you.
    • This can be hard when someone is really bugging you but you are doing this for you-not them.  Forgiveness is a super power of its own and sending love puts you in a wonderful vibration that will attract beautiful things to you!  So, no daggers & sarcasm allowed! ;)
  3.  Meditate/pray/be quiet for 5 minutes and ask for guidance for the day.
    • How do you know if it's truly a message from your higher power?  Think of when you're fishing.  The feeling of a nibble...not sure if it's a fish or not... vs a tug so strong, it pulls your bobber under water.  That's the difference between thoughts from your ego vs a message from your higher power.
Based on these steps, I threw together this gratitude journal that you can use as a guide, to get you started. 

A gratitude practice can take on so many different forms.  Create one that works best for YOU! The key is to make this a daily habit.  Start & end your day with gratitude and watch your life start to change in a beautiful way!


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